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Training Ice

Ice Available For Teams In TBMHA

Below are ice times available to Thunder Bay Minor teams for training.  Each team within Thunder Bay Minor Hockey Association may claim 1 unassigned ice times.

A reminder:

  • Maximum participant group size is 10 plus organizational staff such as coaches, managers and trainers
  • Team sports and tactics must not be practiced or played. Only training is allowed. No games or scrimmages are allowed
  • Activities that are likely to result in individuals coming within 2 metres of each other are not permitted
  • No contact permitted for team or individual sports
  • No spectators are permitted. Each participant under 18 years old may be accompanied by one parent or guardian for supervision

For more information, please see the TBMHA News Article for Red Zone Programming

TBMHA Training Ice

Click for to see Google Sheet for Training Ice

Arena Legend

CRA = Current River Arena
DEL = Delaney Arena
FN1 = Fort William First Nation Arena, Rink 1
FN2 = Fort William First Nation Arena, Rink 2
NBG = Neebing Arena
PAA = Port Arthur Arena
FWG = Fort William Gardens

Ice Available in the Thunder Bay Area

The adjacent links are for available ice in and around the city of Thunder Bay.  Links are offered "as is" and ice is not booked through Thunder Bay Minor.