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ATTENTION COACHES: Evaluation Package Info

By tbmha, 09/09/15, 8:45PM EDT


Did you receive ALL your information?


Evaluation Packages were distributed to our Member Associations at the September General Meeting held Tuesday, September 8th.  If you did not receive evaluation information please contact your Association President or TBMHA Delegate.


If you are able to identify a player on the ice during evaluations, then you are also responsible knowing about the information below.  No Excuses!


Included in the packages were:

  • CD containing Bantam and Midget player information.
  • Goaltending Evaluation Manual explaining the 6 stations that will be used
  • Bantam and Midget evaluation schedules
  • Evaluation Skate Supervision Schedule (Every coach should know who is going for their association and what to bring!  If you don't know, ask your President/Delegate!)
  • An Outline for Evaluation Skate Drills and Responsibilities.
  • Updated Dates, Times, and Locations for Drafts and Coaches' Meetings
  • Practice Ice Block Information (Selection Process, Available Ice, Date & Time)
  • 2015-2016 HNO Clinics, Workshops, and Camps for the Central Zone
  • Helmet Stickers commemorating HNO's 100th Anniversary


And most importantly, a reminder to HAND IN EVALUATION JERSEYS BEFORE YOUR FIRST GAME!