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Need-to-Know Port Arthur Arena Info

By tbmha, 09/10/21, 1:00PM EDT


Player Evaluation Skates start tomorrow.  We are unbelievably excited to get our players back on the ice!

To help make the sessions at Port Arthur Arena run smoothly, please take a moment to read the General Guidelines for City of Thunder Bay Arenas located on our COVID-19 Resources Page.   We have included the Dressing Room Protocol from the guidelines below as well as some logistical information specific to PA Arena during our Evaluations.

City of Thunder Bay Dressing Room Protocol

  • Physical distancing is required in dressing rooms. This significantly limits dressing room capacities. Maximum room capacity will be posted on each dressing room and must be followed at all times.

  • All individuals are counted in dressing room capacity, i.e. players, parents/guardians providing assistance or supervision, coaches.

  • Two dressing rooms will be provided for team practices. Rotating individuals through the rooms will be required to maintain capacity limits in the case of larger groups and teams.

  • In the event that back to back games are scheduled, a combination of dressing rooms and bleachers/chairs will be used. 

  • Players must come partially dressed. No hockey bags will be permitted other than goalie bags or coaching equipment. Showers are not available. 

  • Players and coaching staff will be permitted into the facility 20 minutes prior to the rental time and must exit within 15 minutes of the end of the rental. 

  • Masks are required to be worn in dressing rooms. 

  • It is the responsibility of the user group to monitor distancing and room capacities at all times.

Further to the protocol, when at Port Arthur Arena, here are some logistical details to help you navigate your way.

The Main Doors to the Lobby (South End of Arena/facing PA Stadium) are ENTRANCE ONLY.  This is where you will be screened.  Please try to use the City of Thunder Bay Recreation Facilities COVID-19 Screening Tool every time you go to the rink.  Answering the 9 questions in advance will help get everyone in the arena quickly.  We are permitted access 20 minute before scheduled sessions so you will need to be prompt.  Also, allow Goalies to cut to the front of the line because they are special.  They have special Hockey Canada Rules and special arena rules. 

Doors will be locked at the start of each skate session.  Screeners will not be present at all times to let you in but will check periodically.  PLEASE DO NOT BYPASS SCREENERS.  Side doors cannot be propped open at any time.  Once you are in, re-entry may not happen quickly if you need to exit.  A REMINDER we still have 15 minute buffers in place at PA Arena during Evaluations.

A Staging Area with extra chairs will be setup at the North End of Port Arthur Arena (Zamboni Door End).  For simplicity, players will be directed to the Dressing Rooms or the Staging Area based on Jersey Colours.  (Goalies – remember your group number!  Even group numbers follow black jerseys, Odd group numbers follow White)

Players are to arrive partially dressed, preferably all equipment except Helmets, Gloves and Skates.  NO HOCKEY BAGS FOR PLAYERS.  A small bag to carry the equipment you are not wearing is allowed.  It is recommended you have one that can be zipped closed.  ONLY GOALIES are allowed to bring a Hockey Bag.  All bags will be left in the dressing rooms and items of value should be left at home.

Time spent in the Dressing Rooms should be limited to tying your skates and putting on your helmets and gloves.  Each room has a maximum capacity between 7 to 10 people at a time and players will need to alternate time spent in the room getting dressed.  (Capacity will be posted for each room)  Skate tying on the Player Bench is only allowed during your Skate Session.  You can not use the Player Bench when another group is on the ice.

If using a Dressing Room, entry into the Arena from Dressing Room 1 or 2 will be through the double-doors to the Penalty Box Area.  Entry into the Arena from Dressing Room 3 or 4 will be at the Zamboni end.  Watch for the signs posted.

Use of the showers will not be allowed.  Players are asked to exit quickly after each skate.  From the Dressing Room Hallway, exits for players using Dressing Rooms 1 and 2 will be posted at one end of the hallway while Dressing Rooms 3 and 4 will be posted at one end.

****ATTENTION VOLUNTEERS AND COACHES:  Staging Area and Dressing Rooms will be assigned by the Arena Staff.  The Staging Area on the West Side of the Arena (Player Bench Side) shall be used when Dressing Rooms 3 and 4 are assigned.  The Staging Area on the Opposite side shall be used when Dressing Rooms 1 and 2 are assigned **** 

We are hopeful this information will help make sure our Players, Coaches and Volunteers get a chance to enjoy being back on the ice.