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Registration Information and Season Details

By tbmha, 08/26/21, 11:30PM EDT


Information on What To Expect This Season

The information contained in this article is meant to provide an overview of what to expect for the 2021-2022 Season.  If information contained in the Roadmap to Reopening Ontario or the HNO Return to Hockey Guide conflicts with this article, the Roadmap would take precedence followed by the RTH Guide.

Topics include:

Registration & Payment

Evaluation Jersey Pickup

Evaluation Skate Sessions

Respect in Sport for Parents Program (added 2021-08-28)

Team Selection Draft


Regular Season



Game Play & Game Timing

Dressing Rooms

COVID Protocols

Refund Policy

update: Article may be revised as questions are received or new information is announced.  Updates will be denoted with the date added.  (2021-08-27)


Registration & Payment

Registration is currently open.  Players can register using the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR).  You will need to sign up for a new HCR account as a brand new platform was launched this summer.

update: Please be diligent when creating a new HCR account.  If you are a returning player, please look to find your existing profile before creating a new profile.   Creating a new profile may require providing identification and added expense for certifications.  Please attempt full or short versions of Player First Name if the profile is not immediately found (added 2021-08-30)

Click Here to Register

Registration Fee is $500 and covers TBMHA expenses included but not limited to Evaluation Skate Sessions, Regular Season Games, Playoff Games, On-Ice Officials, Off-Ice Officials, Hockey Canada Insurance, League Awards, Bursaries and Office Administration.  

update: There are additional team fees once selected to a team.  Fees will vary depending on the division or club to which you are selected.  Teams are expected to provide a budget at the start of the season and answer questions about what is included. (2021-08-28(

Online payment is accepted through the HCR using Visa and Mastercard.  Payment can also be made at the TBM Hockey Office.  Please contact our office for further information.

Once registered, all players will receive a numbered jersey and assigned to a group.  The jersey needs to be worn at all Evaluation Skate Sessions to identify players.  All players will skate in all sessions until drafted by a team.  Players registering after the evaluation skate sessions are not guaranteed a spot on a team.  

Ideally, players should register by September 3rd to secure their assignment to an Evaluation Skate Session and their eligibility in Team Selection Drafts.

If you are unable to register before or during the Evaluation Skate Sessions, please contact our office for further information.


Evaluation Jersey Pickup Night

Pickup location is the Columbus Centre, 301 May St S, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 1B7.  Players must pay the $500 Registration in order to receive an Evaluation Jersey.

Players and Goalies with last name starting with letter A to M may pick up their evaluation jersey on Wed Sep 8 between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

U15 Goalies with last name starting with letter N to Z may also pick up their evaluation jersey on Wed Sep 8 between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm. U15 Goalies have an Evaluation session the following evening. 

Players and Goalies with last name starting with letter N to Z can pick up their evaluation jersey on Thu Sep 9 between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm.  

All Evaluation Jerseys are to be washed and returned to your Coach AFTER team selection and BEFORE your first game.  Lost or purposely damaged jerseys are subject to a $25 replacement charge.  Do not leave your evaluation jersey behind at the rink after your skate sessions. 


Evaluation Skate Session

Our Evaluation Skate sessions will begin with U15 Goalie Evaluations on Thu Sep 9 and U18 Goalie Evaluations on Fri Sep 10 at FWFN Arena, Rink 1. 

Evaluation Skate Sessions for all players and goalies begin on Sat Sep 11.  All Evaluation Skates will be at PA Arena.  Look for the schedule on our website for group dates and times.  Players must pay the $500 Registration in order to participate in an Evaluation Skate Session.  All players are expected to skate in all Evaluation Skate Sessions.  If you are unable to skate in your Skate Session, please contact our Office.

Evaluation Skate Schedules Available Here

update: Due to the Maximum Spectator Capacity of 43 at Port Arthur Arena, we ask that only Coaches be permitted entry in order to evaluate.  For more information, please see General Guidelines for the City of Thunder Bay Arena Users on our COVID Resource Page (2021-09-03)


Respect in Sport for Parents (added 2021-08-28)

The Respect in Sport program is an online certification program designed to protect our youth as well as enhance HNO's mandate of providing a safe and fun environment for all participants.  U15 Players previously registered with an Association under Hockey Canada will have previously met this requirement.  However, this will be the first season the program is mandated for U15.  Any players registering for U15 that have not previously registered with an Association under Hockey Canada will need a parent/guardian to take the online course.  for more details, please:


Team Selection Draft

Team Selection Drafts are not open to the public.  Only Team Staff are eligible to attend.  Results will be available on following the Draft and Coaches will contact players.  Teams Selection Drafts will be held on the following dates:

·        U15AA Draft – Thu Sep 16th

·        U18AA Draft – Mon Sep 20th

·        U15A Draft – Fri Sep 24th

·        U18A Draft – Sun Sep 26th



Pre-Season begins once teams are selected and is expected to last until Thanksgiving at the earliest.


Regular Season

Start date is pending as we are currently waiting for our Ice Allocation from the City of Thunder Bay Arena.  Tentative plans are to start after Thanksgiving.



Playoffs are expected to occur in the same format as past seasons.  This is confirmed in October.



Tournaments for AA and A teams have not been ruled out at this time.  More information will be made available in the coming weeks as our Hockey Canada Branch Office meets to discuss the possibility.  Team budgets may need to take this uncertainty into consideration when attempting to finalize team fees.  Please see the HNO Return to Hockey Guide for details on Tournaments.


Game Play & Game Timing

At this time, traditional 5-on-5 play is expected, including Body Checking.  There are no Hockey Canada restrictions limiting the number of players in a league.  Arena Capacity restrictions are determined by Arenas/Facilities and are based on government guidelines.

Game timing will be our usual 3 periods of 15 minutes stop time with a resurfacing after 2 periods.   

update: Our Ice Allocation from FWFN Arena does not contain buffers.  However, our game schedule would be subject to the most restrictive guidelines to ensure consistency (2021-08-27)

update: The previous 15-minute buffer between rentals has been eliminated for the winter season beginning September 26th. (2021-08-27, source: City of Thunder Bay Arena Newsletter)


Dressing Rooms

At this time, Dressing Rooms are not available at Fort William First Nation Arena. Please see our article regarding COVID Resources for the 2021 Season for more information about Facility-Specific Guidelines.  

updateDressing Rooms will be available at all City of Thunder Bay rinks beginning September 11th.  Showers will not be available.  Two dressing rooms per team will be permitted and it will be the responsibility of the user group to monitor distancing and room capacity at all times during the rental.

In the event that back to back games are scheduled, a combination of dressing rooms and bleachers/chairs will be required. (2021-08-27, source: City of Thunder Bay Arena Newsletter)


COVID Protocols

We will attempt to keep all documents regarding COVID Protocols on our website in a single article.  Protocols include resources for Screening and Facility Guidelines. These documents are subject to change and we will do our best to keep them up-to-date throughout the season. 

Click Here for COVID Resources for the 2021-22 Season


Refund Policy

After registering, if a player decides not to play, they are to notify TBMHA as soon as possible (in writing) to maximize the refund.

  • If a player quits for the following reasons:
    • before or after the evaluations have started
    • before they are drafted to a team at any level
    • Injury preventing them from playing for the entire season
    • or any other reason not listed
  • The player will receive a refund minus the following charges:
    • the online registration fee we pay to our provider for the online service.
    • an administration fee of $25 will be deducted for all cash or credit payments made for in person registrations that require a refund
    • a further administration fee of $25 will be deducted for both in person and online registrations if the evaluation jersey is not returned at time of the refund request.
    • Allow 5 Days for online registration refunds to be processed and all in person refund cheques will be available after  Nov 1 2021.

After being drafted, any refund is at the discretion of your new team, not TBMHA.

Team budgets are based upon the number of players on the roster so the team may not offer a refund if it cannot replace a player that quits. Similarly, do not expect a refund for serious injuries that may prematurely end your season or if you move out of town. It is at the discretion of the club affected which will consider the entire circumstances. In rare circumstances, a team might be able to draft a replacement player, making a refund more likely.


More Information

Email us for more information on topics covered or information about something not covered.