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Changes to FWFN Arena Protocols

By tbmha, 11/23/20, 12:30PM EST


New protocols regarding FWFN Arena take effect today, Monday November 23rd.

Please be advised that FWFN has put in a security checkpoint at the corner of City Road and Mission Road.  Arena Participants will be allowed to pass.  Please be patient and courteous while proceeding through the checkpoint.  Please plan ahead and leave ample time for travel in case there is a line to enter.

Players not participating in games will no longer be allowed entry as a spectator. 

Players are to continue arriving at the arena dressed in full equipment.  Masks are required at all times when not on the ice.  Dressing rooms are off limits for everyone.  A reminder to remain in your Staging Area only while in the arena.

Coaches are reminded to wear masks at all times while in the arena and bench areas.

A Coach/Parent is still allowed entry to live stream games.  FWFN Arena is close to implementing a Live streaming service. 

Please see the TBMHA Article COVID Screening and Arena Protocols for the most recent version of all applicable protocols and guidelines.