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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

By TBMHA, 06/01/19, 8:00AM EDT


What is registration all about?

Both player and one parent or guardian are required at registration since both parties’ signatures are required at registration. It must be signed by both the player and the parent or guardian. Due to the Privacy Act, all forms must be checked to permit release of personal information to the teams (address, phone number, birth dates). This information will not be used for any other purposes outside of administering the sport of hockey. Without this permission a player cannot register for hockey with TBMHA.

If your player has never played minor hockey in Thunder Bay City before (ie moved here, or transferring from a recreational league), we also require a photocopy of the player’s birth certificate at the time of registration. A copy can be made at registration.

TBMHA Divisions

TBMHA provides two levels in Bantam (AA, A) and three levels in Midget (AA, A) of hockey to permit players to play competitively with their peers. All divisions are treated equally by TBMHA.    

My player wants to play on a team with his friends/relatives.

TBMHA runs a city wide draft to promote a balanced league. The only exception to placing players together is brothers and sisters, provided they are of the same skill level. If siblings are not equal in talent, then they will play in different divisions, and drafted by different teams.

Why didn’t my player make Bantam AA although he/she played PWAA last season?

Lakehead Minor’s Peewee program had six Peewee AA teams while TBMHA has six Bantam AA teams including both 13 and 14 year olds. Two-thirds of the BAA players will likely be returning 14 year olds so well over half of the incoming PWAA players cannot be drafted into AA in their first year of Bantam hockey.

When do the teams play?

TBMHA rents ice at nine arenas, six games are played most nights (except Fridays). Each division tends to play at certain rinks, on specific evenings, but variations exist throughout the season. The schedule is issued after the final draft. The season starts in early October, ending by the end of February. Games are not played during March Break, except for the final Sunday. The championship series should finish in late March.

Practices depend upon ice availability, level, division, and vary throughout the season.


How much will it cost to play hockey in TBMHA?

The $500 registration fee paid to TBMHA is a league fee for the Bantam and Midget divisions.  Payment may be made in cash, Interac, or credit card for in person registration nights. CHEQUES are NOT accepted.  Credit card payment is required for online registration.

Once drafted to a team players will require a second payment to the team based on what is offered, and by skill level (i.e. AA teams tend to travel more, further).  The additional fees will be between $1000 to $2000 and vary from levels and organizations.  Equipment (including goaltender equipment) and personal travel expenses to tournaments are extra.

The Harmonized Sales Tax added 8% to ice rentals, a team`s largest single expense. Failure to pay team fees fully jeopardizes your chance of registering in future seasons.

What does the $500 TBMHA Fee Cover?

TBMHA fees cover league expenses for the upcoming regular season including twenty-eight games (ice rentals and officials’ salaries), office expenses, Hockey Canada dues, insurance premiums, playoff games and awards, and league player awards. Player fees are TBMHA’s primary source of revenue (also supplemented by bingo revenue). The season includes playoff games (for qualifying teams), All-Star activities, awards and trophies, evaluations, and draft.

What do the teams charge fees for?

Each hockey club runs its’ own affairs so fees vary from $1000 or more. Teams provide practice ice (25+ hours), coaching expenses, tournament registrations, awards, banquets, equipment, jerseys, socks, pucks, etc. Some clubs subsidize bus transportation, team meals, clothing, or hotel rooms for players at tournaments. This is highly variable.

At the start of the season, teams convene parent meetings to discuss the upcoming season. Don’t miss this opportunity to voice your opinion on team activities such as tournaments, and fundraising. If a team budget isn’t presented, ask for one. Many clubs work bingos, and conduct other fundraising activities (meat orders, raffles) to reduce the overall cost. Some may require parents to secure a sponsor for your player, but the money may go towards the team expenses, not player fees which are kept lower by the total sponsorships. Some organizations don’t fund raise which means less work for you, but that comes at a higher cost.



What is the refund policy?

After registering, if a player decides not to play, they are to notify TBMHA as soon as possible (in writing) to maximize the refund.

If a player quits for the following reasons:


  • before or after the evaluations have started
  • before they are drafted to a team at any level
  • Injury preventing them from playing for the entire season
  • or any other reason not listed


The player will receive a refund minus the following charges:


  •  the online registration fee we pay to our provider for the online service.
  • an administration fee of $25 will be deducted for all cash or credit payments made for in person registrations that require a refund
  • a further administration fee of $25 will be deducted for both in person and online registrations if the evaluation jersey is not returned at time of the refund request.
  • Allow 5 Days for online registration refunds to be processed and all in person refund cheques will be available after October 7th 2019.


After being drafted, any refund is at the discretion of your new team, not TBMHA.


Team budgets are based upon the number of players on the roster so the team may not offer a refund if it cannot replace a player that quits. Similarly, do not expect a refund for serious injuries that may prematurely end your season or if you move out of town. It is at the discretion of the club affected which will consider the entire circumstances. In rare circumstances, a team might be able to draft a replacement player, making a refund more likely.

Why is the evaluation jersey worth $25?

An evaluation jersey is assigned to each player at registration for use during the evaluation skates. It is on loan, and must be returned to your new team’s coach at the first team practice. Failure to return these jerseys to TBMHA by club means the club is charged $25 for each missing jersey. In turn, the club will seek reimbursement from the player.

Registering a complaint

If you have a complaint about an organization or coach, and can’t get it resolved with the team manager, contact the team’s club president. The TBMHA office can direct you on this issue. If you have a serious concern about the league, game incidents, officiating, etc., submit a written complaint to the office (mail, fax, or e-mail). TBMHA investigates all matters, but needs specifics before it can be initiated.

What happens if my player is injured?

An injury that removes a player from a game prematurely should be reported immediately. All teams have Hockey Canada injury report forms (also available on our website). Insist one is completed for your incident; document the injury while memories are fresh. Injuries may have repercussions that emerge later, and there may be no insurance coverage if the form wasn’t submitted within 60 days.